Strong Aluminum Frames for Winter Boat Covers


Framing your custom cover is serious business.  We believe in attention to details and high quality materials can help make your new cover last.

The Frames are clamped onto the bow and stern rails of the boat. This helps in supporting the system and keeping it from shifting around in high winds.

Once the main spine is fastened to the bow and stern. The ribs are added every 4 feet from the bow going aft. Once the rib reaches the lifelines, they are then bent to rest on the deck just inside the toe rail or the fiberglass toe rail. Some people do not really call the fiberglass lip a toe rail. However. Whenever I have stubbed my toe on that rail...

Additional diagonal bracing is then added to the structure. These braces are attached to the lower part of the rib as shown below and then raised up to reach the upper part of the rib.

A heavy plastic foot is then installed onto the bottom of the tubing to protect your decks.

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