Artic Guard is our proprietary canvas cover material

Arctic Guard Material

Artic Guard is our proprietary canvas cover material that we have made to our specifications. Our polyester/cotton blend is strong and less abrasive.

Arctic Guard is our own material that we have made to our specifications.

We start off with a 7.5 oz / sq. yd Polyester/Cotton based material.The polyester to give strength and to reduce shrinkage. The cotton to give it a soft, less abrasive touch to your babies bottom. Plastisol is the finish that is applied to the material to make the material water proof and to protect if from the U.V.

Our Arctic Guard material typically protects your baby for 10 plus years under normal conditions. Arctic Guard material is guarantied for a five year period for excessive loss of strength under normal conditions.


Top Gun is a highly recognized name in the marine industry. However this material is highly abrasive and heavier weighing in at 11 oz per sq. yd. And at almost 3x's the cost of Arctic Guard. Makes it a no brain'r as to why we have come up with our own material.

We make our covers in two halves (bow and stern) for ease of installation. The two halves are zipped back together with a 2 inch webbing flap protecting the zipper.

Webbing loops are sewn in along the lower hem of the cover. So that the cover can be tied down with out anything to scratch the hull. No metal grommets to scratch his/her bottom.

When you leave the mast in for the winter. The cover is then split at the mast. We cut a hole in the material and then sew a collar around the hole so that you can wrap this flap around the stays to help keep the snow out.

Should you take the mast out one year for maintenance? Simply twist tie off the collars to fill in the hole for the year.