Topshop Quality Materials

Like the Top Chef who always starts with the freshest of ingredients, Quinte Canvas uses the finest materials. Designed and manufactured to your precise requirements

  • Sunbrellasunbrella logo
  • Solar Threadsolar thread logo
  • Strataglass Clear Plasticstrataglass logo
  • 316 stainless steel tubing

The above are the standard materials used in our canvas covers and biminis.  There is an option to upgrade to 40 Gauge Strataglass Clear Plastic for even greater clarity.

Winter Cover Products & Materials


Framing your custom cover is serious business.  We believe in attention to details and high quality materials can help make your new cover last.

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Arctic Guard Material

Artic Guard is our proprietary canvas cover material that we have made to our specifications. Our polyester/cotton blend is strong and less abrasive.

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Mast Tarp

Qunite Canvas Mfg Mast Tarps are designed using our Artic Guard Material and are stocked in many sizes.  Competively priced and ready to ship.

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