Custom Canvas Dodgers

Dodgers & Biminis

The Cure for Two foot-itis

Every dodger is different just like your boat. Different angles, lines, curves. Your dodger should follow these features of your boat. From the angle of your coach roof, to specific cut outs for the rigging.

We use 7/8" stainless steel frames and fittings for strength. Supporting strong arms so you now have four mounting points instead of the traditional two that balance the dodger.

40 gauge Strataglass for the maximum optical clarity available. Sunbrella material creates a rich look and Solar Thread for that long lasting durability. Roll up or zip out front window. Zippered pockets and zippered back flap.

Dodger Options

  • 1" Stainless steel tubing
  • Removable front and side windows
  • External Grab Rails
  • Zip on Shade Awning
  • Zip in front screen to go with your enclosure.

You can learn more about our quality materials and craftmanship below.


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Topshop Quality Materials

Like the Top Chef who always starts with the freshest of ingredients, Quinte Canvas uses the finest materials. Designed and manufactured to your precise requirements

  • Sunbrellasunbrella logo
  • Solar Threadsolar thread logo
  • Strataglass Clear Plasticstrataglass logo
  • 316 stainless steel tubing

The above are the standard materials used in our canvas covers and biminis.  There is an option to upgrade to 40 Gauge Strataglass Clear Plastic for even greater clarity.

Top Quality Materials Guaranteed

Solar Thread

PolyTetraFlouroEthylene [P T F E}  will outlast the fabric it is sewn into.  It will maintain 100% of its strength year after year.

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Strataglass™ is the clear-choice alternative solution to vinyl and the preferred choice in applications where clarity is a necessity!

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LIke the Top Chef who always starts with the freshest of ingredients, Quinte Canvas uses the finest materials like Sunbrella marine fabrics.

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