H2Out® Products

H2Out® products prevent water contamination in fuels and interior spaces.



Where there's moisture there's opportunity for mold, mildew, dampness and unwanted boat odor. Help control these problems by regulating moisture with H2Out Space Dryers.

Self contained and leak proof, H2Out Space Dryers provide protection for 30-60 days. Once the Space Dryers have stopped working effectivly, simply plae in a heat source to recharge. Available in an assortment of sizes, there's a dryer for every space. Renewable and reusable stainless steel design makes them energy and economically efficient.


  • Durable Stainless Steel Design
  • Small, Portable, Versatile
  • Self Contained, Leak Proof
  • Keep Moisture and Humidity Out
  • Renewable - recharges in 2-3 hours
  • Prevent Mold, Rust & Corrosion



Made to install in the vent line of your fuel tank.  When the tank fills with air, the AVD captures the moisture going into the tank.  With no moisture in the air, water can't collect in the bottom of the tank cantaminating your fuel, plugging your injectors.


We are the Canadian distributor for H2Out® products.  To learn more about H2Out® Canada products visit our product page.

Purchase can be made at

The Rigging Shoppe, Scarborough On.

Marine Outfitters, Kingston On.

Ed Huck Marine, Rockport On.